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Things To Do In Turkey

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Popular Beaches in Turkey

Kaputas Beach, Kas

Located 20 km from Kaş and 7 km from Kalkan in Turkey, Kaputas Beach is a pristine gem nestled in a narrow valley, flanked by steep cliffs and lush forests that meet the sea in the cove bearing its name. Renowned for its untouched natural beauty, the beach offers breathtaking views from the heights along State Road D400 between Kaş and Kalkan. Visitors are drawn to its allure, captivated by the stunning landscape. Water sport and adventure seekers can rent kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, or jet skis, while those craving a unique perspective can embark on a boat tour of the surrounding coastline, unveiling the beauty of the area with its striking beaches and cliffs. After a sun-soaked day at Kaputas, venture into the nearby town of Kaş for a delightful evening. This seaside haven is celebrated for its delectable seafood and traditional & local Turkish cuisine.

Kaputas Beach - Discovering Destinations
Iztuzu Beach Discovering Destinations

Iztuzu Beach, Dalyan

Hidden between Fethiye and Marmaris in the Mugla Province, Iztuzu Beach, affectionately known as Turtle Beach, is a hidden gem located 13 kilometres from Dalyan, a charming Turkish village. Renowned for its five-kilometre stretch of soft white sands, transparent shallow waters, and a stunning backdrop provided by the Dalyan Delta, Iztuzu Beach was honoured as the ‘Best Open Space in Europe’ in 2008 and declared the most beautiful beach in the world in 1995. Just a 15-minute drive from Dalyan Town, the beach remains uncrowded, offering an idyllic escape for sun-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. The beach is a nesting area for the endangered Loggerhead turtles, a 45-million-year-old species. Small boats departing from Dalyan village offer a scenic journey along the river to Turtle Beach, providing an opportunity to witness the breathtaking Dalyan Delta, cliff tombs, and the ancient Caunos ruins. For those seeking complete isolation, exploring the off-road tracks leading to the mountains unveils lush forests, and isolated mountain villages.

Kleopatra Beach, Alanya

Just 72 miles east of Antalya, Kleopatra Beach is a sun-soaked haven with a lively atmosphere. While the town buzzes with activity, the beach’s extensive 22 km (14 miles) stretch ensures ample space for everyone to bask in the sun. Kleopatra Beach goes above and beyond to enhance your beach experience, providing free access to changing rooms, showers, and toilets. For added comfort, private beach clubs offer sun loungers and umbrellas for rent, while most local hotels generously provide beach furniture at no cost to their guests. Every 50 meters along the beach, convenient kiosks offer a variety of fast.food, drinks, and ice cream. Alternatively, explore the local markets on the way from the city centre to the beach for unique finds. Take advantage of the diverse dining options, ranging from coastal cafes to restaurants and private beach clubs. For thrill-seekers, Kleopatra Beach stands as one of Turkey’s diving, rafting, and paragliding hubs, offering an array of water attractions for an action-packed seaside adventure.

Things To Do In Turkey - Kleoplatra Beach
Oludeniz Beach Discovering Destinations

Oludeniz Beach, Fethiye

Nestled near the town of Fethiye in Turkey’s Mugla province, Oludeniz resort beckons with its captivating Blue Lagoon, a photographic gem renowned for its ever-changing hues of turquoise and azure. The lagoon, protected as a national park, offers a tranquil escape with soft sands and shallow waters, separated from the main beach by a sandbar and narrow channel. Visitors can indulge in immersive experiences, from paddling barefoot along the shoreline to exploring the inner lagoon’s rocky shores via hired canoes or paddleboats. The scent of Myrtle, Laurel, Tamarisk, and Pine permeates the air, creating a delightful ambiance. Kumburnu Beach, a striking sandbank between the lagoon and the sea, invites relaxation and various water sports. Oludeniz is celebrated as a premier destination for paragliding, boasting stable weather conditions, lofty mountains, and breathtaking scenery. Whether you prefer lounging on a beach chair, exploring private beaches like Sugar Beach, or seeking thrills through paragliding adventures, Oludeniz promises an enchanting blend of natural wonders and exhilarating activities along Turkey’s picturesque Mediterranean coastline.

Patara Beach, Fethiye

Often called Turkey’s finest coastal gem, situated just 75 km south of Fethiye. Boasting an impressive 20 km stretch of white sand and recognized as the best beach in Europe by The Sunday Times, Patara offers a pristine escape surrounded by stunning seascapes. As a designated National Park, the beach is meticulously maintained with sunbeds, changing rooms, and various dining options. Patara is not only a paradise for beach lovers but also a haven for nature enthusiasts, with Lycia’s towering limestone peaks and honey-yellow sand dunes providing a breath taking backdrop. Engage in thrilling activities such as rafting, horseback riding, and canoeing on the nearby Dalaman River. For a touch of history, explore the sprawling village of Patara, birthplace of Saint Nicholas, and discover remnants of its ancient glory, including a triple-arched triumphal gate, necropolis, Lycian tombs, and temples. Uncover the rich maritime history of Patara, once a bustling port city with one of the world’s first lighthouses, making it a beacon for trade and exploration. Immerse yourself in the captivating blend of sun, sea, and history at Patara Beach.

Patara Beach - Discovering Destinations

Unique Attractions - Discovering Destinations

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul’s iconic treasure trove, steeped in history and buzzing with local charm! Established in 1461 during the era of Ottoman rule, this sprawling market has grown into one of the world’s oldest and largest covered markets. A must-visit for tourists, the Grand Bazaar welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors daily, eager to explore its winding lanes filled with over 4,000 stores offering a diverse range of treasures. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere as you navigate through the maze of this historic market. From traditional textiles and historical antiques to magic lanterns and Turkish rugs, the Grand Bazaar unfolds a captivating shopping paradise. Don’t miss the chance to experience one of its famous sales, where you can acquire hand-loomed carpets while enjoying a notorious storytelling experience from the local sellers.

The Grand Bazaar - Discovering Destinations
Goreme OpenAir Museum Discovering Destinations

Goreme Open - Air Museum

Welcome to the magical world of Cappadocia, where the Goreme Open-Air Museum invites you on a journey through time! Nestled in this enchanting region, the museum is a treasure trove of intricately carved rock churches, many dating back to the 10th-12th centuries. These churches thrived under the guidance of Saint Basil of Caesarea, one of Cappadocia’s influential Fathers who shaped early Christian theology. As you explore, be captivated by the breathtaking displays of Byzantine art adorning the ceilings and walls of these ancient churches. Marvel at vivid scenes from the Bible, brought to life to aid followers who couldn’t read. Among the gems in the Goreme Open-Air Museum is the renowned Elmali Kilise, fondly known as Apple Church, dating back to around 1050. Inside, immerse yourself in the beauty of frescoes depicting timeless Biblical scenes, such as The Last Supper. Let the rich history and stunning artistry of the Goreme Open-Air Museum transport you to a bygone era, where every rock carving tells a tale of faith and creativity. It’s an experience that unveils the soul of Cappadocia, inviting you to discover the beauty etched into its ancient stones.

Pamukkale, Western Turkey

Pamukkale, meaning “cotton castle” in Turkish! Is nestled in western Turkey, this unreal landscape is famous for its stunning white terraces made of travertine, a rock deposited by water with rich minerals. Imagine soaking in pools that have been a haven for bathers for thousands of years, all against the backdrop of the ancient Greek city of Hierapolis, cleverly built on top of these hot springs by the kings of Pergamon. Witness the magic as these travertine formations beneath the ancient city transform into a cascading water fountain, sourced from the ancient hot springs that shaped the shell-shaped terrace pools over millennia. And if that’s not enough, above Pamukkale’s breathtaking white pools awaits the famous Cleopatra’s Antique Pool. Dive into the warm and clear waters where Cleopatra herself once swam, surrounded by Roman ruins like fallen columns and carved stones, inviting you to explore this historical aquatic paradise. Pamukkale is not just a destination; it’s a journey through time and nature’s artistry, where every step unveils a story, and every pool carries the whispers of ancient civilizations.

Pamukkale Discovering Destinations
Hagia Sophia Discovering Destinations

Hagia Sophia

Welcome to the magnificent Hagia Sophia, a true marvel in the heart of Turkey with a rich history that unfolds over centuries! Originally built as a basilica for the Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian I in the sixth century, this masterpiece of Roman engineering boasts a colossal dome, spanning 31 meters (102 feet) in diameter and covering the largest enclosed space in the world for over 1000 years. Steeped in tales of conquest and transformation, the Hagia Sophia witnessed the looting by the fourth Crusaders in 1204 and later became a mosque in the 15th century when the Ottomans conquered the city. Now, this iconic structure has opened its doors to the public, inviting you to soak in its architectural wonders. Explore the Hagia Sophia, meaning “Holy Wisdom,” and marvel at the columns and marble sourced from ancient city ruins in Syria and Anatolia, including the beautiful pink marble from Afyon. Immerse yourself in the fascinating blend of history, art, and culture that defines Hagia Sophia.

Aladağlar National Park

The captivating Aladağlar National Park, a true gem established in 1995 and one of the absolute best spots to explore in Turkey! Spanning over 55,065 hectares, this park is a haven for adventure seekers, offering a plethora of thrilling activities. Get ready for an unforgettable experience as you engage in trekking, hiking, mountaineering, and more amidst the breathtaking landscapes. Aladağlar National Park is a place adorned with majestic rocks that add to its unique charm, ensuring every traveller has a wonderful time here. Come, immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and embark on countless adventures in this incredible national park!

Aladağlar National Park - Discovering Destinations

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