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Things to do in Mexico

Things to do in Mexico

Popular beaches in Mexico

Punta Mita, Nayarit, Mexico

Situated on a captivating private peninsula along Mexico’s Pacific Coast, Punta Mita beckons with its 1,500-acre expanse of paradise just 10 miles north of Puerto Vallarta. Bathed in perpetual sunshine, this lush haven boasts crystalline waters perfect for a myriad of water activities, from leisurely swims to thrilling surfing adventures. The real jewel in Punta Mita’s crown, however, is its collection of exquisite luxury hotels and resorts.

Beyond the luxurious confines of Punta Mita, discover a harmonious blend of a tranquil fishing village and the allure of the Mexican Riviera. Enjoy an array of activities, from championship golf overlooking the Pacific at the Jack Nicklaus-designed Pacifico Course to adventurous pursuits like surfing, sea kayaking, and whale watching. Delight in the vibrant local dining scene along Playa El Anclote, where little ones can safely splash in the calm waters, while surf enthusiasts tackle the waves at El Anclote. Indulge in snorkelling at colourful reefs, set sail on family-friendly excursions, and explore the underwater wonders from Islas Marietas to La Corbetena. Punta Mita is the epitome of a luxurious coastal escape, where white sand beaches meet a spectrum of activities, promising an unforgettable retreat.

Punta Mita beach Mexico - Discovering Destinations
Playa Balandra beach Mexico Discovering Destinations 370 x 380

Playa Balandra, La Paz, Mexico

Placed just 40 minutes outside La Paz, Playa Balandra stands as the crown jewel of Baja California, boasting unrivalled beauty on the eastern coast of the peninsula. Overlooking a tranquil bay that extends into the Caribbean-esque Sea of Cortez, this beach is a picturesque haven for those seeking a blend of desert serenity and oceanic wonders. 

Renowned as the most scenic beach in the region, Playa Balandra captivates with its shallow, crystal-clear waters—ideal for novice swimmers and families—perfectly complemented by the backdrop of white dunes. This idyllic cove is a local favourite, drawing those who seek relaxation in this protected area where daily visitor numbers are restricted, ensuring an intimate experience. 

For an elevated perspective, hike up the adjacent mountain and marvel at the breathtaking meeting point of desert and ocean. A leisurely walk from Tecolote Beach or a boat tour revealing coastal attractions like San Rafaelito, a sea lion haven, offers alternative ways to savour the beauty of Playa Balandra. It’s an oasis of calm and natural splendour, inviting you to immerse yourself in the wonders of this hidden gem along Baja California’s enchanting coastline.

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, renowned as a vibrant tourist haven, welcomes visitors with some of Mexico’s finest beaches, making it a cherished destination for sun-seekers and surf enthusiasts alike. Playas La Palmas, accessible by a thrilling 4×4 adventure, and the surfer’s paradise, Playa Acapulquito, are gems along Cabo’s picturesque coastline. Among the array of resorts, Chileno Bay Resort stands out, gracing the shores of one of Cabo’s most swim-friendly beaches and offering a retreat of breezy villas. Whether you’re into family-friendly all-inclusive or luxury accommodations with infinity pools overlooking the Sea of Cortez, Cabo provides a diverse range of options for every traveller’s preference.

While relaxation takes centre stage in Cabo, the destination also unveils its adventurous side where the desert, sea, and mountains converge. Embark on a desert hike to the enchanting Canyon of the Fox, rejuvenate in the El Chorro hot springs, or explore the vibrant marine life at Cabo Pulmo. Beyond the polished resorts, Cabo pulsates with local flavours and outdoor escapades, ensuring a dynamic experience. Venture downtown to savour Bajan specialities, from chocolate clams to fresh seafood tostadas and mouthwatering fish tacos. Whether seeking tranquillity or adventure, Cabo San Lucas offers a myriad of ways to indulge in the beauty of its diverse landscapes and rich culinary offerings.

Cabo San Lucas beach Mexico - Discovering Destinations
Isla Mujeres beach Mexico Discovering Destinations 370 x 380

Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Nestled off the northeastern coast of Cancun, Isla Mujeres beckons as more than just a side trip from the bustling city—it’s a destination in its own right. Playa Norte, the island’s prized jewel, boasts a tranquil ambience with its crushed coral sands, warm shallow waters, and a serenity that sets it apart from the busier mainland beaches. This pristine stretch of coastline, adorned with swaying palm trees and azure waters, is a haven for sunseekers. Scuba enthusiasts are in for a treat, as Isla Mujeres harbors the planet’s largest concentration of majestic whale sharks, offering a unique and unforgettable underwater experience.

For those seeking an escape from the mainland’s hustle, Isla Mujeres is an ideal day trip or weekend getaway. The beaches, adorned with powdery white sand, create a picture-perfect setting framed by vibrant green palm trees. Playa Norte, known for its calm waters, beach bars, and convenient rentals, stands as the island’s most popular retreat. Additional coastal gems, like Playa Centro and Garrafon Reef Park with their colourful coral reefs, beckon snorkelers to explore the underwater wonders. Whether you’re unwinding on Playa Norte or exploring the diverse beaches of Isla Mujeres, this island paradise promises an escape into the tranquillity of sun-drenched shores and vibrant marine life.

Isla Holbox, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Just north of bustling Cancun, Isla Holbox has evolved from one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets to a captivating destination that still captivates with its pristine beaches and vibrant nature preserve. The island, separated from the Yucatan Peninsula by a tranquil lagoon, stands in stark contrast to its livelier southern neighbours, offering a haven of calm and quiet. Downtown Holbox is a treasure trove of markets and textile shops, inviting you to immerse yourself in the local culture. And, of course, a visit to the island wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the famed over-water hammocks—a perfect spot to unwind and soak in the serene surroundings.

Among the gems of Isla Holbox is Playa Punta Cocos, stretching along the western side of the island. Renowned for its breathtaking sunsets, this beach is a haven for bird watchers and fishing enthusiasts alike. For a more secluded escape, venture to Punta Mosquito, where a sandbar and shallow waters provide the perfect setting for strolls and refreshing swims. As you explore the island, keep an eye out for the resident flamingos, adding a touch of wildlife to the laid-back charm of Isla Holbox. For an unforgettable stay, Punta Caliza, a relative newcomer to the scene, beckons as one of our favourite retreats, offering a blend of comfort and serenity in this tropical paradise.

Isla Holbox beach Mexico - Discovering Destinations

Unique Attractions - Discovering Destinations

El Arco de Cabo, Mexico

Positioned at the southern tip of Cabo San Lucas, the Arch of Cabo, affectionately known as “El Arco,” stands as an iconic granitic rock formation where the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California converge. 

This natural wonder, also called “Land’s End,” is a must-visit spot for tourists seeking both adventure and relaxation in the beautiful Los Cabos region. The arch, a symbol of Baja California Sur, lures visitors with its geological magnificence, crafted by nature over an impressive 13 to 15 million years. 

Beyond its sheer beauty, the Arch offers a unique experience during low tide when intrepid travellers can stroll beneath its massive curve at Playa del Amor. The beach, adorned with fine sand, provides a picturesque setting where sea lions bask on the rocks, adding a touch of wildlife to the captivating scenery. 

However, as time passes, this emblematic symbol has shown signs of wear, and geologists speculate about potential fractures at its base. Despite the uncertainties, the Arch of Cabo San Lucas remains a timeless attraction, inviting visitors to marvel at the meeting point of two majestic bodies of water amid the breath taking landscapes of Los Cabos.

El Arco de Cabo Mexico - Discovering Destinations
Museo Nacional de Antropologia Mexico - Discovering Destinations

Museo Nacional de Antropologia, Mexico

Situated in the heart of Mexico City’s Chapultepec Park, the Museo Nacional de Antropologia, or National Museum of Anthropology, stands as a testament to the rich pre-Columbian heritage of Mexico. 

As the largest and most visited museum in the country, it showcases an extensive collection of artefacts spanning four square kilometres and 23 exhibition halls. From Mayan and Aztec treasures, including the iconic Stone of the Sun, to contemporary exhibits illustrating the vibrant cultures of Mexico’s indigenous descendants, the museum offers a comprehensive journey through the nation’s history. The museum’s architectural layout, with its rectangular courtyard and multi-level display halls, guides visitors through the evolution of Mexico from its earliest settlers to present-day indigenous communities. Visitors can delve into the complexities of Mexico’s past and appreciate the intricacies of each civilisation represented. 

The museum’s connection to nature is symbolised by the el Paraguas fountain, depicting various aspects of Mexico’s integration, outlook, and pursuit of liberty. 

Chichen Itza, Mexico

Situated in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula, Chichén Itzá stands as a captivating testament to the ancient Mayan civilization, drawing visitors from around the world to explore its rich history and architectural marvels. Dating back 1,500 years, this archaeological city showcases the iconic pyramid of Kukulcán, a symbol of Mayan society and a remarkable feat of astronomy and mathematics. 

Embark on a day tour from Cancun or Mérida to immerse yourself in the magnificence of Mayan culture, guided by experts who unveil the secrets of Chichén Itzá’s temples, ball courts, and cenotes. For a more independent adventure, catch an early morning colectivo from Valladolid to self-tour and relish the serenity before the crowds arrive. 

Recognised as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, Chichén Itzá offers skip-the-line or early access options to enhance your exploration. Marvel at El Castillo, the pyramid with 91 steps on each face, totalling 365 steps, representing the Mayan calendar’s days. Don’t miss the Great Ballcourt and El Caracol, an astronomical observatory, as you delve into the intriguing legacy of Chichén Itzá.

Chichen Itza Mexico - Discovering Destinations
Rio Secreto Mexico Discovering Destinations 370 x 380

Rio Secreto, Mexico

Venture on a mesmerising adventure beneath the surface of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula as you explore the hidden wonders of Rio Secreto, or the “Secret River.” 

This extraordinary natural reserve unveils a series of awe-inspiring caves formed by the ancient flow of an underground river, offering a unique and magical journey into the heart of the Earth. Delve into the mystical passageways, take a refreshing swim in the crystalline river, and marvel at the breath taking formations of stalactites, stalagmites, and vibrant minerals that adorn the subterranean landscape. 

Rio Secreto invites you to witness the astonishing interaction of time within our planet’s interior, showcasing the miraculous existence of life beneath the surface. Whether you’re an adventurous explorer or a nature enthusiast, this newly discovered underground river promises an unforgettable experience that transcends the ordinary. 

Visit on your next vacation in Mexico and be captivated by the enchanting beauty that lies beneath the earth’s surface at Rio Secreto.

Tulum Archaeological Site, Mexico

Explore the captivating remnants of the ancient Maya civilization at the Tulum Archaeological Site, a historic gem perched on 12-meter tall cliffs along the pristine east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula overlooking the Caribbean Sea. 

Once a major port for the city of Coba, Tulum flourished between the 13th and 15th centuries, making it one of the last inhabited Maya cities. Despite facing the challenges of Old World diseases brought by Spanish settlers, Tulum managed to stand resilient for about 70 years after the Spanish arrived in Mexico. 

Today, this archaeological site stands as a testament to the Maya’s architectural prowess and strategic coastal location. Though lacking the grandeur of some other renowned sites due to its construction during a period of Maya decline, Tulum’s tropical beach backdrop adds a unique allure, making it a must-visit destination. Immerse yourself in the historical charm of Tulum, one of the best-preserved coastal Maya sites, and witness the ancient splendour that continues to attract curious travellers from around the world.

Tulum Archaeological Site Mexico - Discovering Destinations

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