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Things To Do In Cyprus

Things To Do In Cyprus - Discovering Destinations

Popular Beaches in Cyprus

Nissi Beach, Agia Napa

Nissi Beach is the Jewel of Agia Napa in Cyprus, is a picturesque stretch of coastline that captivates both locals and tourists alike. With its long stretches of light-colored sand and crystal-clear, shallow turquoise waters, it’s no wonder Nissi Beach is a coveted Blue Flag-awarded destination. Despite its popularity, the expansive shoreline ensures that even on bustling summer weekends, visitors can find a tranquil spot away from the crowds.

This 600-meter-long golden sandy beach, situated just 3.3 km west of the town center, offers a family-friendly atmosphere with its calm and shallow seawaters, making it perfect for children. The beach’s charm extends beyond daylight hours, as the renowned Nissi Beach Bar comes alive with live DJ sets and refreshing drinks throughout the summer evenings. The beach is equipped with facilities ranging from toilets and changing rooms to water sports options and beach bars. Lifeguards are on duty from April to October, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Access is easy by foot, bike, or car, with parking facilities available.

Nissi Beach seamlessly balances a lively daytime vibe with a tranquil atmosphere as the sun sets, making it a top destination on the global beach scene. 

Nissi Beach - Discovering Destinations
Konnos Beach - Discovering Destinations

Konnos Beach, Ayia Napa

Nestled in Protaras, a vibrant coastal town in Cyprus renowned for its stunning beaches, Konnos Bay emerges as a hidden gem, inviting travelers to bask in its serene beauty. This small, secluded cove, cradled between rugged cliffs and lush greenery, forms a horseshoe shape, creating a sheltered haven perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and various water activities. The bay’s shallow and calm waters make it an ideal destination for families and those seeking a tranquil beach experience. As you approach, a breathtaking vista unfolds—soft golden sand stretching along the shore, translucent waters revealing vibrant blues and greens, and surrounding cliffs enhancing the bay’s picturesque charm.

Beyond its natural allure, Konnos Bay offers a plethora of activities for every taste. Dive into the clear waters to discover a thriving marine world or partake in adrenaline-pumping water sports. Hiking trails wind through the nearby Cape Greco National Forest Park, providing scenic walks with breathtaking coastal views. For convenience, the bay offers amenities like rentable sun loungers, umbrellas, a beach bar, and several restaurants serving delicious local cuisine.

This coastal treasure is a pleasure, where every sun-soaked moment celebrates nature’s wonders.

Coral Beach, Paphos

Welcome to Coral Bay, the vibrant beachfront resort in Paphos, Cyprus, renowned for its stunning Coral Bay Beach, an epitome of fine sandy beaches in the Mediterranean. Nestled around the focal point of this beautiful beach, Coral Bay offers an idyllic holiday experience. Known as the most popular choice in Paphos for families, young visitors, and couples, Coral Bay boasts clear shallow waters and thin golden sand, earning the prestigious Blue Flag certification for meeting the highest EU standards. Ideal for all ages, especially families with children, the beach offers a pristine environment and hosts lively beach parties during the summer months, drawing thousands of visitors.

Coral Bay is more than just a beach; it’s a unique bay and a tourist haven with facilities such as toilets, showers, changing rooms, and a range of water sports. Lifeguards stationed from April to October ensure safety, and the beach is wheelchair accessible. The bustling coastal resort features traditional tavernas, lively bars, and a beautiful sandy bay, with Blue Flag status affirming its cleanliness and safety. As the sea breeze creates perfect conditions for water sports, try your hand at water skiing or explore the exotic rockscapes through snorkelling. With its inviting waters, diverse activities, and vibrant atmosphere, Coral Bay promises an unforgettable coastal escape.

Things To Do In Cyprus - Coral Beach
Mackenzie Beach Discovering Destinations 370 x 380

Mackenzie Beach, Larnaca

Mackenzie Beach, a beloved spot for local Larnaca families, basks in the warm embrace of Cyprus sunshine. Named after a Scotsman who established a restaurant/bar post-World War II, the beach’s rich history adds to its charm. Stretching nearly one kilometer, the clean gray sand and shallow waters create an inviting haven. Perfect for families, kids revel in building sandcastles on the beach, while behind it, a plethora of local restaurants, including fish tavernas, offer delightful culinary experiences.

Located alongside Larnaca Airport’s runway, Mackenzie Beach enchants with its fine brown and beige sands, calm and clear waters, and lush greenery. The beach is a hub of activity, offering facilities like sunbeds, umbrellas, and numerous cafes, bars, and restaurants. With lifeguards on duty from June to October, safety is a priority, making it an ideal destination for plane spotting, water sports, and family-friendly activities. Evenings transform Mackenzie into a premium clubbing destination, attracting a diverse crowd.

Awarded the Blue Flag, the 1,000-meter-long beach boasts an 80-meter-wide shore, inviting leisurely strolls along the coast. The beach’s proximity to Larnaka International Airport adds a unique touch as planes pass by, creating a memorable atmosphere. Mackenzie Beach offers a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement, from sunbathing on the gray sand to exploring the vibrant sea life at the Zenobia wreck. With organized facilities, breathtaking views, and cultural attractions nearby, Mackenzie Beach promises an unforgettable seaside experience for all.

Golden Beach, Karpas Peninsula

Embark on a scenic drive to the edge of the enchanting Karpaz Peninsula in Northern Cyprus, where the breathtaking Golden Beach awaits. Stretching for miles, the wide sand dunes offer ample space for relaxation or leisurely strolls against the backdrop of crystal-clear waters and majestic mountains. Renowned as possibly the best on the island, Golden Beach boasts white-sand dunes meeting the calm, clear sea, creating a tranquil haven. As you absorb the tranquility, wild donkeys graze on the hills, adding to the enchanting atmosphere. This pristine location, now part of a national park and a prime turtle-nesting ground, offers more than just a stunning beach. Spot green sea turtles laying their eggs and, if visiting in September, witness the remarkable sight of baby turtles hatching, monitored by certified volunteers from the Society for the Protection of Turtles. Explore the entire Karpaz Peninsula, with its sparse settlements, historic sites like Kantara Castle, and a tapering finger of land pointing northeast towards Turkey and Syria. Cyprus, with its varied coastline, offers beach lovers an array of experiences, and the Golden Beach on Karpaz Peninsula stands out as a tranquil oasis of beauty and serenit

Golden Beach Karpas Peninsula - Discovering Destinations

Unique Attractions - Discovering Destinations

Archangel Michael Church, Pedoulas

Welcome to the enchanting village of Pedoulas, where the UNESCO-listed Archangelos Michael Church stands as a captivating piece of Cyprus’s rich heritage. Dating back to 1474, this small church is adorned with evocative and brightly colored frescoes that showcase a transition towards the naturalism of the post-Byzantine revival. Credited to the artist Adamos, who intriguingly signed his work during a time when such practices were rare, the frescoes depict the Archangel Michael overseeing the faithful, alongside powerful scenes like the denial of Christ and the sacrifice of Abraham. Nestled in the picturesque village of Pedoulas, the church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, captivating visitors with its local post-Byzantine style.

Built and decorated by local painter Minas in 1474, the Archangel Michael Church is the jewel of Pedoulas, earning its UNESCO status. The church features two levels adorned with 11 Festival Cycle paintings and depictions of saints, all in the local post-Byzantine style. The sloping mountain roof and wooden templon provide a unique architectural charm, with free entrance and wheelchair accessibility. As you explore this historical treasure, you’ll witness not only the splendid frescoes but also the church’s journey through centuries, from its construction to a period of abandonment and eventual restoration in the 19th century. 

Archangel Michael Church Pedoulas - Discovering Destinations
Zenobia Wreck Paphos Discovering Destinations 370 x 380

Zenobia Wreck, Paphos

Embark on an underwater adventure at the Zenobia Wreck, Cyprus’s crown jewel of diving sites and a global sensation rated among the top 10 wreck dives worldwide. The Zenobia, a colossal 172m Swedish roll-on roll-off ferry, met a dramatic fate on her maiden voyage from Sweden to Syria, sinking off the coast of Cyprus due to ballast tank issues. Now resting on her port side, the Zenobia is a playground for experienced divers, showcasing 108 articulated lorries that accompanied her to the seabed. Often hailed as the “Titanic of the Med,” this underwater marvel offers a variety of dives with awe-inspiring features such as massive propellers and more. Whether you’re an experienced diver or a novice, the Zenobia beckons with its historical intrigue and vibrant marine life. Dive shops in Larnaca, Paphos, and Limassol make exploring this iconic site easily accessible, ensuring an unforgettable experience in the crystal-clear waters of Cyprus. Join the ranks of diving enthusiasts and discover the unparalleled wonders of the Zenobia Wreck, a must-visit destination for diving aficionados worldwide.

Additionally the MS Zenobia wreck site is located close by. The Zenobia shipwreck sits at a maximum depth of 42 meters (137 feet) deep, and offering an impressive 172 meters (564 feet) of length to explore.

Adonis Baths, Paphos

Discover the enchanting Adonis Baths Theme Park, a hidden gem in the picturesque northwest of Kili Village in Paphos, easily accessible from Tala, Kamares Village, and Coral Bay. Immerse yourself in the allure of Greek mythology with statues depicting legendary figures, including the impressive 10-meter-tall statue of Aphrodite. The park features a 16th-century watermill built by the Monastery of Agios Neophytos, adding a touch of history to the natural surroundings. 

The highlight of Adonis Baths is the breathtaking waterfall, formed by the natural erosion of soil over time, creating a cool oasis during the summer months. Visitors can take a refreshing swim, and the adventurous can climb rocks with ropes for an exhilarating plunge into the crystal-clear lake. Legend has it that swimming in these rejuvenating waters can preserve youth and strengthen vitality. 

Accessible by bicycle or motorbike via the Tala Road, Adonis Baths offers a delightful retreat with a bar, cafe, shaded seating areas, and well-maintained facilities. This site provides an idyllic escape, where the refreshing waters of the Mavrokolympos River invite you to experience the mythical connection between Adonis and Aphrodite.

Adonis Baths Paphos - Discovering Destinations
North Nicosia Lefkosa - Discovering Destinations

North Nicosia, Lefkosa

Embark on a captivating journey to Northern Nicosia, also known as Lefkosa, by crossing the green line at Ledra Street. Ensure you bring your passport to seamlessly explore the Turkish-held part of Nicosia, where a rich tapestry of cultures unfolds before you. The cobbled streets invite you to wander for hours, experiencing the unique charm of this captivating region in Cyprus. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Büyük Han, a meticulously restored traditional inn that once welcomed city travellers. It houses many small shops and restaurants today, providing a glimpse into the city’s vibrant past.

North Nicosia, the capital and largest city of the internationally unrecognised state of Northern Cyprus, lies north of the United Nations Buffer Zone, known as the “Green Line,” which divides it from the Greek sector and the Republic of Cyprus. Since the opening of the Ledra Street crossing in 2008, pedestrian traffic freely connects the two sectors. Lefkoşa, the northern half of the pre-1974 Nicosia, boasts an old town encased by Venetian walls. While the modern city thrives outside the walls, the heart of tourist attractions resides within, offering a unique blend of history and tranquillity. Explore the old town’s charm, though it may exude a provincial feel compared to its southern counterpart, ensuring a safe and enlightening experience.

Cypriot Wineries and Vineyards, Omodos

A favourite for wine lover’s looking to journey to the charming village of Omodos, your gateway to Cyprus’ rich winemaking heritage just outside Limassol. Steeped in history dating back to the Frankish period, Omodos, originally called ‘Homodos,’ unfolds its treasures to visitors. Explore cobbled squares, medieval wine presses, and old stone-built houses, all within proximity of local wineries and the impressive monastery of Timios Stavros. Omodos, classified as one of the Krassohoria, or wine-producing villages, boasts a wine culture deeply embedded in its roots.

The village’s quaint environs are perfect for agrotourism, and every September 14, Omodos hosts one of the island’s most significant religious fairs dedicated to the Holy Cross. The celebration spans three days, featuring vendors in the picturesque square and various events throughout the summer and Easter.

Wine enthusiasts are treated to an array of local varieties, including the Xynisteri (white) and Mavro (red), alongside imported varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Mataro, Grenache, and Syrah. Local wineries, including Olympus Winery, Zenon Winery, Ktima Gerolemo, Linos Wines, and Marion Winery, offer a delightful tasting experience. The wine route, weaving through picturesque locations such as Limassol, Erimi, Lofou, Vouni, Koilani, and Pano Kivides, culminates in Omodos.

Cypriot Wineries and Vineyards Omodos Discovering Destinations 370 x 380

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