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Things To Do In The Virgin Islands

Things To Do In The Virgin Islands

Popular Beaches resorts in the Virgin Islands

Trunk Bay Beach, St. John

The embrace of the US Virgin Islands National Park surrounds the exquisite Trunk Bay in St. John, USVI, offering an unparalleled Caribbean escape. This pristine haven, generously donated by philanthropist Laurence S. Rockefeller, remains a cherished part of the USVI National Park, boasting a half-moon-shaped bay named after the majestic leatherback sea turtles known locally as “trunks.” Embrace the tranquility of this unspoiled paradise as you stroll along the three-tenths-of-a-mile-long beach, bordered by crystalline waters that beckon snorkelers and swimmers alike. The Trunk Bay Overlook provides a breathtaking panorama, capturing the essence of this natural wonder.

Immerse yourself in the rich history of the island with visits to the nearby tropical rainforest or the historic Annaberg Sugar Plantation. Explore the self-guided snorkeling trail just offshore, adorned with informative underwater plaques that introduce you to the vibrant marine life, from indigo blue tunicates to graceful sea turtles. Trunk Bay, immortalized on a U.S. postage stamp, stands as St. John’s most magnificent and popular beach, inviting you to savor the soft white sands, sea grape trees, and coconut palms. For an idyllic day in the sun, equip yourself at the beach facilities or embark on a captivating underwater journey along the snorkeling trail, where the wonders of Trunk Bay unfold beneath the warm Caribbean sun.

Trunk Bay Beach - Discovering Destinations
Hull Bay Beach - Discovering Destinations

Hull Bay Beach, St. Thomas

The allure of Hull Bay Beach awaits, a coastal gem on the enchanting north shore of St. Thomas, just west of Magens Bay. Renowned as the best surfing beach on the island during northern swells, Hull Bay is a haven for surf enthusiasts seeking exhilarating wave action.

For a more serene experience, the crystal-clear waters offer captivating snorkeling adventures, creating lasting memories beneath the sun-soaked Caribbean sky. This beach, while not bustling, emanates tranquility, making it an ideal haven for those seeking solitude. Families will appreciate the calm waters during low tides, providing a safe and inviting environment for children to enjoy the shoreline.

Situated on the Northside of St. Thomas, Hull Bay beckons with its picturesque surroundings. Fishing boats gracefully dot the bay, adding a touch of authenticity to the maritime scene. The beach’s unique features include a paved road leading to the shoreline, conveniently accompanied by a nearby parking area, minimizing the distance to the coast. The indigenous trees offer natural shade for relaxation, and the gentle Caribbean breeze invites visitors to unwind beneath their branches. Soft white sands, adorned with beautiful pebbles and rocks, create a scenic backdrop for leisurely moments by the Atlantic waters.

Jack's Bay Beach, St. Croix

The secluded beauty of Jack’s Bay Beach, a pristine haven nestled on the far eastern end of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands awaits. Located near Point Udall, the easternmost point of the island, Jack’s Bay is a tranquil retreat accessible only by foot, adding a touch of adventure to your journey.  The powdery soft sands invite you to spread out your beach towel and relish the serenity of the Caribbean. While the waters are generally calm, occasional gentle waves add a soothing soundtrack to your secluded escape.

Protected by the Nature Conservancy, Jack’s Bay Beach is part of a 301-acre expanse that includes Isaac’s Bay. These pristine ecosystems, accessible solely by hiking, offer a rare and unspoiled landscape. Snorkelers will delight in the vibrant underwater world, with coral reefs housing an array of marine life, including parrotfish and blue tangs. Isaac’s Bay, renowned for its excellent snorkeling, boasts deeper waters and fewer rocks, making it a popular spot for underwater exploration.

As you traverse the trails starting at Point Udall or Grapetree Bay, immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Jack’s Bay and Isaac’s Bay. Keep an eye out for the largest nesting populations of green and hawksbill turtles, carefully protected by the Nature Conservancy. Remember to respect the conservation efforts and exercise caution.

Jack's Bay Beach - Discovering Destinations
Cinnamon Bay Beach - Discovering Destinations

Cinnamon Bay Beach, St. John

Indulge in a haven of beach activities and aquatic adventures at Cinnamon Bay, St. John – the ultimate destination for water enthusiasts. This mile-long stretch of National Park’s longest beach offers a myriad of activities, from swimming and snorkeling to windsurfing and kayaking. Conveniently situated near other notable beaches like Maho and Trunk Bay, Cinnamon Bay makes for an ideal addition to your St. John itinerary.

The beach campground, open to both campers and the public, provides a range of facilities, including a general store, A restaurant, snack bar, lockers, restrooms, and changing rooms. Embark on snorkel trips, scuba diving, or windsurfing lessons through the activities desk, ensuring a well-rounded exploration of the surrounding wonders. For those seeking a tranquil stroll, the long sandy beach, gently sloping and flanked by crystal-clear waters, invites leisurely walks and novice snorkeling experiences.

Discover the underwater wonders, from fish holding pens to submerged historic sites, and perhaps catch a glimpse of turtles gracefully gliding through the ocean depths. Embrace the blend of natural beauty and recreational opportunities at Cinnamon Bay, where every moment promises relaxation and adventure.

Magen's Bay Beach, St. Thomas

Discover the epitome of paradise at Magens Bay Beach, the crown jewel of St. Thomas. With its sun-kissed, white sand beach, this renowned destination invites you to a haven of relaxation and adventure.

Immerse yourself in the warm, crystal-clear waters, perfect for a leisurely swim, kayaking, or paddleboarding. Take a scenic hike along the nature trail, unveiling the beauty of native mangrove trees, colorful birds, and exotic flowers. Magens Bay Park offers a myriad of amenities, ensuring a seamless experience, from restrooms and a bar & cafe to picnic tables, chair rentals, and water-sports options.

This pristine beach is a favorite for residents and visitors alike, providing an ideal setting for picnics, beach sports, and stand-up paddleboarding. The Magens Bay Authority diligently preserves the delicate ecosystems, ensuring the natural beauty remains untouched for generations. Beyond the beach, explore the Magens Bay Preserve, a 319-acre haven with coconut groves, mangroves, a vibrant arboretum, and hiking trails. Whether you seek a tranquil retreat or exciting water activities, Magens Bay Beach awaits, promising an unforgettable escape in the heart of St. Thomas.

Magens Bay Discovering Destinations

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Coral World Ocean Park, St. Thomas,

Embark on an extraordinary marine adventure at Coral World Ocean Park, a must-visit destination on the enchanting island of St. Thomas. Boasting both indoor and outdoor attractions, this family-friendly park invites you to explore the diverse marine life of the Caribbean. Marvel at the wonders of the Caribbean Reef Encounter, an 80,000-gallon living reef, showcasing sea turtles, sharks, and graceful stingrays.

Take a stroll through the Lorikeet Garden, where playful and colorful birds await your company, offering a chance to feed them nectar. Dive into the immersive experience of the Undersea Observatory, providing a dry yet mesmerizing view of life on a coral reef 15 feet below the water’s surface. For an even more thrilling encounter, consider the Sea Trek or Snuba Dive options.

Coral World offers an array of activities, from self-guided tours to close encounters with ocean animals, including sharks, sea lions, and dolphins, providing an educational and entertaining experience for visitors of all ages.

As a rehabilitation center for stranded and endangered sea turtles,  Whether you’re petting sharks, hand-feeding stingrays, or enjoying the vibrant Marine Gardens, Coral World promises a magical journey into the beauty of Caribbean marine life, creating lasting memories for you and your family.

Coral World Ocean Discovering Destinations
Virgin Gorda - Discovering Destinations

Virgin Gorda, Westin St. John

Take an extraordinary visit to the Baths of Virgin Gorda. Carved over millions of years, these stunning boulder formations form intricate grottos and beckon you to explore their unique beauty. Immerse yourself in crystal-clear waters, relax, and marvel at the wonders of the Caribbean that unfold before you.

The Baths stand as a testament to nature’s artistry, creating an enchanting atmosphere that captivates every visitor. Close by your adventure could continue, snorkeling at the Treasure Caves of Norman Island, adding a touch of underwater magic to your day. Explore the natural wonders and Caribbean charm converge for an experience of a lifetime.

Be aware of the island’s off-season and hurricane season, typically occurring from July to October. During these periods, popular restaurants and attractions may be closed, so it’s advisable to conduct thorough research in advance. Additionally, be prepared for frequent planned blackouts, though the timing can be somewhat unpredictable. The island implements these blackouts to conserve fuel, and, based on conversations with locals, they can range from a few minutes to several hours. Stay informed and plan accordingly for a smoother experience during your visit.

Blackbeard's Castle, St. Thomas

Perched on Government Hill above Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, Blackbeard’s Castle, also known as Skytsborg Tower, stands as a captivating testament to Danish military history. Constructed in 1679 as a defensive watchtower, its primary purpose was to scan the horizon for potential threats to Fort Christian and the harbor settlements. While the infamous pirate Blackbeard’s connection to the tower is more rooted in tradition than historical fact, the five-story structure is undeniably steeped in legends and lore.

Accessible via the iconic 99 Steps, the tower offers breathtaking panoramic views of Charlotte Amalie harbor, St. Croix, and even Puerto Rico. Over the years, Blackbeard’s Castle has served various purposes, from a private residence and bed and breakfast to part of historical walking tours and a restaurant. The courtyard, adorned with a 14-foot bronze sculpture of Blackbeard, adds to the mystique.

Despite its historical roots as Skytsborg Tower, the structure has become synonymous with Blackbeard’s legacy, adding a touch of romance and intrigue to the thriving tourist industry surrounding the pirate’s mythical exploits. Whether or not Blackbeard ever set foot in the tower, its rich history and captivating views make it a must-visit landmark among the five National Historic Landmarks in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Blackbeard's Castle - Discovering Destinations
Phantasea Tropical Botanical Garden Discovering Destinations 1

Phantasea Tropical Botanical Garden, St. Thomas

Phantasea Tropical Botanical Garden, a horticultural gem on St. Thomas, invites residents and visitors to embark on an educational and revitalizing journey. Spanning approximately two lush acres on the island’s north side, overlooking the scenic Magens Bay, the garden showcases vibrant orchids and bromeliads in full bloom, creating a captivating tapestry of tropical flora. The verdant landscape offers breathtaking views of Magens Bay, Tortola, St. John, and the bustling cruise ship harbor. Founded by the passionate gardener and architect Patsy Breunlin, Phantasea began as her private oasis, evolving into a public botanical haven in 2015.

Patsy’s dual expertise in architecture and gardening is evident in the garden’s design, featuring hurricane and earthquake-proof buildings that weathered the storms of 2017 unscathed. The garden’s diverse collection of tropical trees, palms, and flowering plants mirrors the rich biodiversity of Caribbean forests, creating a harmonious blend reminiscent of untamed landscapes.

Phantasea welcomes visitors for an enriching experience, with an average visit lasting 45 minutes to one hour. Quench your thirst with cold beverages and snacks available for purchase, and explore the opportunity to take home blooming orchids and unique tillandsias (air plants). 

Sage Mountain National Park, Tortola

Perched majestically atop the highest peak of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, Sage Mountain National Park unfolds as a sanctuary of ecological marvels and cultural resonance. Standing tall at 523 meters (1,716 feet) above sea level, Sage Mountain is not merely a geographical landmark; it’s a living canvas adorned with ancient geological secrets and vibrant ecological treasures.

Laurance Rockefeller’s philanthropic gesture transformed this 39-hectare (96-acre) haven into the first National Park in the BVI, reforesting its terrain with white cedar and mahogany trees. Hikers traverse winding trails through emerald forests, catching glimpses of wildlife like Bo Peep tree frogs and elusive bananaquits. The summit unveils panoramic vistas of all the islands, a reward for the sensory journey through lush landscapes and the scents of tropical blossoms.

Sage Mountain, with its lush rain-producing ecosystem, nurtures a unique blend of flora rarely found in these islands, offering a verdant contrast between the old growth forest on the northwestern side and remnant dry tropical forest on the south. Embark on a pilgrimage to Sage Mountain National Park—an immersive exploration into the heart and soul of the BVI, where nature’s resilience intertwines with the echoes of island culture.

Sage Mountain National Park - Discovering Destinations

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