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Get a SIM Card with Data for Europe Now: Experience Europe in Full Speed:

Why You Need a Data SIM Card for Europe

Why You Need a SIM Card for Europe Planning a trip to Europe? Don’t forget to get yourself a FLEXeSIM SIM data card for Europe to stay connected throughout your journey. With Euro sim card data, you can enjoy the luxury of uninterrupted data access wherever you go. Whether you’re exploring the vibrant streets of London, indulging in pasta and pizza in Rome or unwinding on the beaches of Barcelona, having a European SIM card with data is essential to keep up with your friends and family back home, stay connected on social media, and navigate through the winding streets of this beautiful continent. So, why limit yourself when you can experience Europe in full speed with a sim card from FLEXeSIM that provides you with the convenience of data on-the-go? Get your Europe SIM card now and unlock a world of connectivity on your European adventure.

The Benefits of Having a SIM Card for Europe

The Benefits of Having a SIM Card for Europe

In the realm of European travel, FLEXeSIM emerges as the epitome of seamless connectivity, revolutionizing the way we stay connected abroad. The sophisticated functionality of our eSIM cards ensures a comprehensive solution to the challenges posed by international travel, offering a myriad of benefits that transcend traditional SIM card limitations.

At the forefront of FLEXeSIM’s advantages is the elimination of exorbitant roaming charges. By adopting our eSIM, travellers gain access to cost-effective local rates, sparing them the financial apprehension often associated with global communication. This not only guarantees a more budget-conscious approach but also affords users the freedom to communicate effortlessly during their European adventures.

Whether you’re exploring the enchanting streets of Prague or navigating the bustling markets of Amsterdam becomes a seamless endeavour, as FLEXeSIM facilitates uninterrupted connectivity for both professional and personal engagements. The testimonies affirm not only the convenience but also the reliability of our eSIM as an indispensable tool for modern-day travellers.

How to Activate Your SIM Card for Europe

Setting up your FLEXeSIM eSIM is an easy process, however, this varies between devices. Please click the below link for full set-up instructions for your handset.

If you are still having issues setting up your eSIM after following our process, please contact our team via email who will get in touch to assist you further.

Activation Overview – This may vary between Iphone models


Please ensure that your iPhone is connected to WiFi and follow the below:

Settings > Mobile Data > Select – Add Data Plan

You’ll be asked to use your phone’s camera to scan the QR Code that you have been provided.

Once this has been scanned, please click Add Data Plan.

You will then be prompted through your phone’s preference settings, step-by-step.


Please ensure that your phone is connected to WiFi and follow the below:

Settings > Connections > SIM Card Manager >

Select Add SIM > Scan Carrier QR code

You’ll then use your phone’s camera to scan the QR Code that you have been provided.

Once this has been scanned, please click Confirm.

Google Pixel:

Please ensure that your phone is connected to WiFi and follow the below:

Settings > Network & Internet > Select + next to SIMs > Select Download a SIM Instead

You’ll be asked to use your phone’s camera to scan the QR Code that you have been provided.

Once this has been scanned please click Download on your phone.

Why You Need a Data SIM Card for Europe

Frequently Asked Questions about SIM Cards for Europe

Is Monaco covered? This is an ofen asked questions by european travellers! In the case of FLEXeSIM, the answer is YES. Monaco is covered in our European Plan and travellers benefit from 50 GB of usable data whilst enjoying the excitement and atmosphere of Monaco.

Can I buy a prepaid sim card for a family member or friend who is travelling to the United Kingdom from abroad? YES, you can purchase a prepaid sim card on behalf of someone else, however we advise caution. You should check the users phone is eSIM compatible before making a purchase, and that they will not be using the sim card outside Europe..

What happens if I need a sim card that runs for longer than 30 days? FLEXeSIM is powered by RoamingExpert, a UK based telecoms company who specialize in 30 day rolling contracts. Simply contact FLEXeSIM support or visit RoamingExpert.com for more information.

Get a SIM Card with Data for Europe Now

Experience Europe to the Fullest with a SIM Card and Data Plan

Enjoying Europe often means making memories, trying new things such as cuisine, traditions and adventures, many of which are booked online and which provide excellent photo opportunities. Having the right European data Plan can be essential to saving these memories and making that all important table reservation, hotel booking or taxi reservation. 

Avoiding local SIM cards can be advantageous for European travellers as it eliminates the hassle of dealing with different carriers, language barriers, and the need for physical replacements, a prepaid sim card from FLEXeSIM provides a more convenient and seamless connectivity experience, making it the perfect travel companion in Europe.

European Data eSIM Support

European Data eSIM Support

FLEXeSIM offer dedicated support for all FLEXeSIM data sim card users. Our dedicated team are available in office hours to provide technical support. We do NOT use automated, BOT’s or outsourced support teams, all support in carried out by our team of support staff who are experienced in the diversity of phones, european networks, carriers and the issues faced by travellers who are inexperienced in the setup and installation of prepaid eSIM cards in phones.

European countries - Business or Pleasure?

FLEXeSIM endeavour to provide high quality europe data esims to all customers. Our goal is to ensure you have fast mobile data no matter where or when you plan to travel. With a choice of 14 or 30 day esim contracts, with a staggering 25 or 50 GB of data, the FLEXeSIM prepaid travel sim card really is the best sim for the price offering connectivity in the listed European Countrie

Get a SIM Card with Data for Europe Now

FLEXeSIM for Work or Business
Get unlimited data!

Get unlimited data!

When it comes to staying connected in Europe, FLEXeSIM is our top recommendation. Unlike some other providers, we believe in providing you with a seamless and frustration-free experience. Many sim cards claiming to offer unlimited data often come with hidden limitations. It’s crucial to scrutinize the fine print and understand the actual speed of your “unlimited” data.

Throtteling of unlimited prepaid sim card speeds is not an uncommon accurance when we begin to look at some suppliers offering unlimited data. Although there may be exceptions, many travellers find themselves annoyed and frustrated when minutes pass and they are waiting to login, rotating email icons appear on screen saying sending in progress, and streaming is frame by frame.

Checking the terms and conditions of a contracts data plan basics is an essential tasks to ensure you obtain the connectivity and service you expect. Special attention should be paid something called the Fair Use Policy or FUP of data. This small piece of contract allows network operators/mobile carriers to reduce your speed if they thing you have used to much data on a specific day leaving you unable to take advantage of you prepaid sim or physical sim

Who can benefit from a FLEXeSIM eSIM card?

  • Internation business travellers
  • Internation adventurers, tourists and holiday makers.
  • Internation and offshore work teams
  • European travellers with high data requirment
  • Sports & athletics organisations travelling for Internation events.
Who can benefit from a FLEXeSIM eSIM card
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